Salvage Labs

Welcome to my website.

Below you'll see some selected pieces of work from my time trying out all the disciplines of creative development I can get my hands on.

Augmented Reality

  1. Views were promised

    Take the promised view experience with you anywhere you go. Tap the screen to clear the mist.

  2. Your next job

    Built as satire on a somewhat misjudged ad campaign. Find out what next job you should do.

  3. Reset your normal

    A message of hope for 2020, find out something new to try in the current circumstances and reset your normal.

  4. Selfie roulette

    Challenge yourself to take the ultimate selfie. Race against the clock to find all three objects and take your selfie.

  5. Gaki no Tsukai

    Augmented reality face filter based on a popular Japanese TV special. Try each of the characters and if you smile you're out!

  6. Unit 01

    The pick of the Eva units I've made. Lets you control Evangelion Unit 01 with your face movements. Open your mouth for beast mode!

  7. 1000cows

    To celebrate the different teams named after cows at 1000heads we created some cute hats to show your cow pride.

  8. #makechange

    Celebrating the start of 2020 by getting a new look with Wella Professional. #makechange helps you decide the colour.

  9. 1000heads Christmas

    For our 2019 Christmas card we included our own augmented reality filter. Santa up and watch presents and candy rain.

  10. Future Tees

    Created in partner with Kojey Radical and used as a ticket mechanic for the Napapijri UK launch campaign.

  11. Helmet Simulator

    The first Augmented Reality effect I made for Instagram. Helmet Simulator lets you switch types of helmet on your floating head.


  1. Napapijri: Future Tees

    An integrated campaign including a website and two AR pieces to launch Napapijri in the UK. Winner of the 2020 DADI award for Technical Innovation.


  1. Never Boils

    An experiment with 3D models, three.js, shaders and lighting. We're aiming to create a relaxing scene to get lost in, right in your browser.


  1. Intertwine

    On a 2 year Game Jam streak, 2022 included custom music and a strange but satisfying concept. Jammed remotely with Game Dev London x Into Games.

  2. Night Drive

    Fresh off the press, our 2021 entry. By far the most complete game we've made, and possibly the best looking! Jammed at Hacksmiths London.

  3. Feels like, Home

    Our 2019 Game Jam entry built with Unity. It took the award for the most on-theme submission. Jammed at Hacksmiths London.

  4. Blind

    Our 2013 Game Jame entry built with Unity. It used some custom shaders to create gameplay required for our idea. Jammed at Powerhouse Sydney.

  5. Operation Om Nom

    Winner of the first Stealth Jam in 2012. Play as an alien creature who can merge into the wall, jump onto the ceiling or eat objects to become them. Jammed at AIE Sydney.


  1. Views were promised

    A community site built to showcase photos of amazing locations around the world with great views, except when there wasn't.

  2. Bousherbot

    A project that is very special to us. Built as a farewell for a colleague that aimed to celebrate all of his creativity and uniqueness.

  3. Time to Roll

    Made for a Hackathon at the start of 2020, Time to Roll was to share community powered updates on the stock of vital products.